Game of Thrones season 5

5x04: Sons of the Harpy

Imagen para el episodio 5x4: Sons of the Harpy

King's Landing treasury faces a new challenge when the Iron Bank demands Cersei to pay the crown's debt. In the meantime, she meets the High Sparrow as the faith's aggresiveness rises every day. Bronn and Jaime start a quest to take the young Lannister back to King's Landing, as the Sand Snakes vows vengeance along with Ellaria.

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5x05: Kill the Boy

Imagen para el episodio 5x5: Kill the Boy

The situation in Meereen gets complicated, after the Sons of the Harpy's attack. Daenerys plans her next move to pacify the city, and decides to marry again. In the meantime, Jon asks Maester Aemon for advice, as he struggles to unite the Crows and the Wildlings in a common army against the threats beyond the Wall.

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5x07: The Gift

Imagen para el episodio 5x7: The Gift

As Maester Aemon dies, Jon prepares himself to carry the weight of the complex situation. Samwell saves Gilly from being raped in Castle Black, getting seriously injured. In the meantime, Sansa talks with Theon and tries to remind him of who he is. In Meereen, Tyrion finally meets the Queen of Dragons.

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5x08: Hardhome

Imagen para el episodio 5x8: Hardhome

As Daenerys and Tyrion finally meet, they amaze each other and establish an intense and sharp exchange. In the meantime, Arya continues with her training and gets her first assignment. Cersei found herself in a King's Landing dungeon, as she thinks how to overcome the situation of religious fanatism.

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5x09: The Dance of Dragons

Imagen para el episodio 5x9: The Dance of Dragons

The final stretch of the season. In Stannis' camp, he must face a difficult decision as he sends Davos away. Jamie talks to the head of Dorne's kingdom, and is able to return to King's Landing with Myrcella. Jon Snow returns to Castle Black and Daenerys gives in and hosts the Meereen's version of the Colliseum.

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